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In this project, I tried to express both my intuitions and feelings about the living situation of human in modern era in Ekbatan town, which is a part of Tehran. This town as one of the biggest towns in the middle-East accommodating over 44 thousand people can be considered as an example in which modern citizens live with their own living condition and relationships. Being fed up with each other is why they put themselves in identical cells and live in solidarity.

What is shown in Ekbatan photos entails my main concern. My focus is on changing of human relations due to the change of life especially in big cities. These are the cities that impose their meaning on us through the shortage of land-nature (growing population) and time (creating physical distance). As a result, city-dwellers who are engaged in this kind of life are under pressure of not meeting and not listening to each other which is not a method of life but a wish. This manner can be said as tendency not to tolerate others and to go away from people and being on your own.

Getting into such a situation for human whose socialization is an important part of his humanity is made possible through a system that humane characteristic is strange. The systematic distance among people gets difficult and unbearable when people in making a relation with each other face agony and difficulty. They may not know why they are in such a situation or may not think about their intolerance in human relations, but for making their dreams true (which is a clear between him and animals), they are striving to get out of this man-made swamp. The distance of a person from his environment where all human relations exist akin to the thick and concrete walls strictly surrounded him make a person sees no one around himself.


Ekbatan, west of Tehran 2004-2008

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