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This project is an attempt towards an-other look at the Facebook profile pictures of Iran's youth.Through a reconstruction of the portraits their authorship is lost in the midst of their innumerability. These pictures, usually taken as snapshots, seem to conceal the represented person as well as all of the elements that characterize them. Does such loss of the authorship and privation of representation occur because of the countless-ness of the photographs, or is it because their viewers are skimming through them so quickly? Is it caused by a desire in making and/or representing a different sort of being in a matter of seconds? Or, is such way of doing, a remembrance of an existence that shares the untold and the hidden in a corner of time?

Regarding these questions, my principal work is to revive these portraits by meeting the people in person, in the original places of the taken pictures and with utmost concentration on the surrounding details in the photos. The details contained are now, with the help of analogue photography and a 4X5 view camera, represented in large scale and on the walls of reality. Like a clue in an adventure, these photos –along with video/interview beside them- are trying to lead us towards our transformed identity in the digital age, and not to reveal it. Revelation is here like a reminder of something lost.

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The Reminder 2014

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